24/3/14 A Dry Martini, shaken not stirred…

A well prepared Dry Martini is one of the most evocative and elegant cocktails. If you also order it as an appetizer in the modern Roca Bar in our five star hotel and then you want to stay for lunch or dinner with us, you have lots of chances to have a top date.

You can order it in a James Bond style “shaken not stirred” or let you be advised by the cocktail man of the group, Carlo Di Maro, who affirms “Dry Martini is perfect for anytime”. That’s why it was the favourite drink of international artists like Hemingway, Frank Sinatra and Luis Buñuel.

You can also prepare it at home if you want to surprise your partner or your guests. Remember the secret of a classic elegant and seductive Dry Martini is balance.

Instructions for 1 person

- 1 cl. Dry Martini
– 6 cl. Bombay Dry

1) Cool all the tools you will use, including cups and alcoholic drinks
2) Put a loto f ice in a shaken glass and shake it very well to cool it
3) Take off all the water generated
4) Add the Dry Martini, shake it and take it off
5) Add gin, shake it again and serve it into a glass
6) Garnish the glass with a boneless olive but not stuffed and with Twist lemon
7) Serve it very cold and enjoy it!