21/10/13 A seafood bar at the Roca Bar

If you are planning to organize an informal meal and you want to make your guests a good impression, go to the Roca Bar, a fun and cool restaurant located in the lobby of the Hotel Omm, where in addition to his famous Rocadillos and dishes to share, you can find a bar of oysters and crab ” Fishhh “.

The Roca Bar, serve two types of oysters from La Rochelle: the biggest ones called “number 2″ and the “number 4″, with a smaller size. In addition, you can also order some Chatka , the delicious crab sticks from Norway , that will not disappoint you! And if you are still hungry, do not waste the opportunity to taste the delicious Galician urchins.

Enjoy a varied seafood appetizer or take some oysters accompanied of three different sauces (pepper, pear and ponzu soy sauce ), followed by a delicious Tandoori chicken with yogurt and basmati rice as main dish.

Everything in our hotel boutique in Paseo de Gracia where you can enjoy the experience of an intense bite of sea in your mouth!