26/7/13 Art, dos punts. Barcelona lives the contemporary art.

“Art, dos punts” is an exposition presented, and which takes place the same days, by CaixaForum and the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA).

For the first time in the city, the qualities of the most important contemporary art collections in south of Europe are displayed and they are shown in more than 400 works of art from second half of the twentieth century until now.

From 18th of July until 6th of January 2014 in MACBA and from 18th of July until 29th of December 2013 in CaixaForum, “Art, dos punts” will explore the modernity as a concept and its relation with the forefront of our history, which was defined by traumatic interruptions and outlying conditions in comparison to other cultural venues of twenty century. For this reason, in MACBA, the different episodes of modern era in Barcelona since contemporary creation are analysed. On the other hand, in CaixaForum post-modern generation interest will be analysed too.

The exposition will compare past artwork and documents with creation and contemporary language and will give the main keys that we used to get to this present and how will get to the future. In this exhibition you will be able to see artworks from Joseph Beuys, Joan Brossa, Eduardo Chillida, Lucio Fontana, Paul Klee and Gerhard Richter.

With Art, dos punts App, both MACBA and CaixaForum, you can check audio, video, images, quotes and curious information that will give you a new and surprising way to live the exposition.

Besides the exhibitions, there will be guided tours, conferences, courses and different kind of activities related with “Art, dos punts”. If you don’t want to miss this cultural event about contemporary art, from our design hotel in Barcelona, Hotel Omm, we recommend you to visit the exposition “Art, dos punts” and end up in our Spaciomm.