18/12/13 Barcelona without hurries 3: The fair of Santa Llúcia

At Christmas, the fair of Santa Llúcia Fair is a must-see. Located on the square in front of the Cathedral, this year it celebrates it 227th anniversary ( 1786-2013 ) and is open to the public from November 30 until December 23.

In the Gothic Quarter, the oldest in the city of Barcelona, ​​this is one of the spots with more history and a meeting point where you can always find something new.

This is the oldest trade fair of Christmas issues with 283 boutiques where mainly you can find all kind of crèches, accessories, figures and Christmas trees as well as the traditional catalan ” tió “, a piece of wood. There are also crafts, clothing, jewelry, decorative objects and even instruments for those who want to give a musical touch to the holidays.

Continuing along Avenida de la Catedral , crossing Via Laietana, you may also stop for a snack in Cuines Santa Caterina, in the Santa Caterina market. This original restaurant by Grupo Tragaluz has a bar with tapas open all day long with a menu of market products including Mediterranean, Asian, and vegetarian dishes.

Our Barcelona five-star hotel has already worn the Christmas spirit. Now we are only missing you!