5/6/13 Bibiana Ballbè says goodbye to the Hotel Omm after turning it into a creative hub for 30 days

The Hotel Omm goes back to normal after the journalist Bibiana Ballbè stayed at the hotel for a month crossing, connecting and projecting city’s creativity, ideas and talent with brands, institutions and companies.

The goal was to live a day 0 during 30 days, get up every morning as if every day was the first time: neither past nor future. And with this philosophy it has been accomplished that all the participants had an experience for the first time. Minifestivals in the bedrooms with Love of Lesbian amongst others, interviews in the bathtub, the bed and on the table with Miranda Makaroff, Mike Urmeneta and Francesc Aleu and a fashion runway at the spa with young designers were some of the unforgettable experiences lived throughout the past 30 days.

We have seen pass by the Hotel Omm the best Chefs and cookers from the gastronomic scene, the most current illustrators, the most popular actors and actresses, young business men and women referents in the country, the most famous music bands and the great designers from the Barcelona’s golden era, apart from other uncountable known faces.

After this intense month, it’s time for the farewell but with the certainty that it is not a goodbye forever but a see you soon with a close reencounter.

Goodbye for now Bibiana, we will miss you!