22/3/13 Bolaño Archive. 1977-2003

The CCCB is organizing the exhibition Archivo Bolaño 1977 – 2003 as a tribute to the exceptional Chilean writer who passed away ten years ago.

It is a journey through the creative world of the novelist and poet who changed the way of understanding, reading, and creating stories. Through his visceral and realistic style he managed to build himself a place in the history of literature with magnificent works such as The Savage Detectives or 2666.

Blanes, Girona, and Barcelona were the main places where he created most of his work. Although these cities were the geographical region influencing his work, we cannot forget that the author spent a lot of time in Mexico and is a Chilean native.

The visit to the exhibition is conducted like a detective investigation. The reader-visitor is the detective who is faced with a series of tests and clues, all in a spirit of humor and irony. In continuation of the itinerary, the visitors are introduced to the metaphor of the    kaleidoscope, a reference used by the writer in various passages in his books: the same scene with different characters, the same characters in different scenes.

But what sets the exhibition apart, over and above its thematic approach, innovative museographic elements, and dialogue with the visitor, is the presentation of unpublished material from the archives of the Roberto Bolaño estate: stories, poems, notebook, correspondences…