11/9/13 Cataluña celebrates its National Holiday with a human chain

Today, 11th September, is Cataluña National Holiday; this day commemorates the fall of Barcelona by Bourbon troops during the Spanish Succession War in 1714.

Cataluña celebrates today its Diada. This is a day when Catalans and nationalist parties claim the independence of Cataluña. In the morning, the Parlament and political parties offer flowers to Rafael de Casanova monument and later, at 11:30am, takes place the institutional act organized by the Parlament and the Catalan government.

A year after the massive independent manifestation on the Diada 2012, Catalan nationalism keeps thinking the same and challenges the Spanish government doing a human chain in favour of the independence of Cataluña.

The chain called “Via Catalan hacia la independencia”, with more than 335.000 people, starts today at 17:14pm, a symbolic hour that represents the exact moment when Barcelona lost the Spanish Succession War in 1714. The chain will go through 400 kilometres, from Alcanar (Tarragona) to La Jonquera (Gerona) passing by Camp Nou and Sagrada Familia. During the chain, streets will be closed and only emergency vehicles can drive by (see full route).

If you want to join this holiday day, we recommend you, from our Barcelona centre hotel, to go down by Paseo de Gracia and get to Paseo Lluis Companys where Òmnium Cultural has prepared some concerts (Blaumut, Gossos and Yacine & The Oriental Groove) to enjoy the Festa per la Llibertat. The party will take place from 19:30pm until midnight.

Barcelona also opens the Centro Cultural del Born (which is 30 minutes walk from our Barcelona 5-star hotel). The Centro Cultural del Born has been waiting for over 12 years to open but they do it today because it’s the 300 anniversary of the year that Catalan troops were defeated by Felipe V. The place has been reconstructed with archaeological remains from the destroyed city and its inauguration will start many activities that the Diada has planned for Barcelona.