José Pedro Croft: New work, old territories |

13/3/17 José Pedro Croft: New work, old territories

The SENDA Gallery, of contemporary art, presents an exhibition with the work of one of the most influential artists in Portuguese culture. It is José Pedro Croft, one of the highest representatives of sculpture in Portugal. The exhibition “New works, old territories” will inaugurated on March 23 at the SENDA Gallery and will be available until May 5.

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De Natvræ |

15/2/17 De Natvræ

From February 17 until April 13, the SETBA Foundation will have a collective exhibition of artists who find inspiration in the different elements of nature in order to create their artistic works.

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1.000 m2 of sexuality |

8/2/17 1.000 m2 of sexuality

Until 19th of March in the Exhibition Hall of the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) the exhibition 1,000 m2 of sexuality can be visited, an exhibition that has been in charge of investigating and representing how spaces for sex have been projected in our society since the S. XVIII.

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“Sketches of Spain” by Ola Kolehmainen |

6/2/17 “Sketches of Spain” by Ola Kolehmainen

The Senda Gallery is hosting the interesting exhibition “Sketches of Spain” by the talented Finnish photographer Ola Kolehmainen. An exhibition that reflects a decade of work by the photographer on the facades of contemporary buildings in Spain more striking and their relation light. From February 2 to March 18 will be exhibited this original collection of photographs.

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Je vous offre las oiseaux / I offer you the birds |

1/2/17 Je vous offre las oiseaux / I offer you the birds

On January 27th, the exhibition “Je vous de l’oiseaux / I offer you the birds” was inaugurated at the Museu d’Història in Barcelona-Plaça del Rei, a visual experience that transports visitors to the Nazi concentration and extermination camp known as Auschwitz, where the surviving prisoners assure to never have heard the singing of the birds. The exhibition will be available until March 28.

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Picasso Romanic |

25/1/17 Picasso Romanic

Pablo Picasso was a unique and changing artist, the dedication that he put to each one of his work pieces is something palpable in each one of his canvases. In his work you can see how he was discovering several styles in which to work and feel reinvented. In the “Picasso Romànic” exhibition available from the 19th to the 26st of January at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya you can see the transformation of the artist’s style after visiting the same museum in 1934.

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