22/6/16 Ramon Casas at the Museum of Modernism

In the Museum of Modernism in Barcelona until July 3rd you can enjoy a taste of the work of the modernist artist Ramon Casas, under the title “Modern life” which shows everyday scenes from the painting. Do not let miss this opportunity to enjoy everyday life from a new perspective.

13/6/16 Alfonso Alzamora at the Vila Casas Foundation

Alfonso Alzamora shows us what happens when art, philosophy and mathematics come together in “L’escala de l’enteniment. Ramon Llull, 1316-2016 “, an exhibition of art from the minimalist poetry. Do not miss the Espai Volart i Volart 2 of the Fundació Vila Casas until July 17th.

23/5/16 Domènech i Montaner Route: Modernism in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for being a modernism reference. One of its highest figures is Lluís Domènech i Montaner. If you feel like visiting his most representative works, don’t hesitate and try the modernism route out.

16/5/16 Toni Catany in Casa Milà

Alow yourself to flow with the photographic work of Toni Catany and his peculiar style. In Casa Milà, also known as Pedrera, you can enjoy a selection of his most sensitive and inspirational representative work. Pay it a visit until July 17th in the usual Casa Milà open hours.

11/5/16 The Museums’ Night in Barcelona

The Museums’ Night is considered a unique opportunity to enjoy the museums of Barcelona at night, with different activities and proposals that everybody can take advantage of. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the culture from a different perspective on May 21st since 7 p. m.

4/5/16 Ràfols- Casamada: an exhibition you cannot forget

Enjoy the subconscious spontaneity reflected in the works of a unique artist, Ràfols-Casamada at the Vila-Casas Foundation, in Can Framis until July 17th. Enjoy this Catalan artistic experience through the selected works exhibited in “Ràfols-Casamada Painting”, a selection of amazing paintings of this Catalan artist.

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