21/3/16 “Ramón Casas. The Modern life” in the Barcelona Modernist Museum

Although in the Catalan modernism, architecture has always been the main subject, painting is also a very important artistic perspective that has been responsible of naming and giving shape to this current that has left an important legacy in our city. Ramón Casas is one of the personalities that has been in charge of promoting the modernist portraits and paintings. Because of this, you will be able to enjoy a rich exhibition that will take place at the Barcelona Modernist Museum, from March 10th until May 8th.

16/3/16 The Holy Week: processions, palms and “La Mona”

Easter is nearly here! Whether you are religious or not, the processions that take place around these dates are a perfect opportunity to walk through the streets, while giving cultural support to the processions that will take place at La Rambla, during the holidays. The tours will start on Palm Sunday, March 20, and on Holy Friday, March 25.

14/3/16 Do not miss the eShow 2016! It is a recommendation from your Barcelona luxury hotel

Are you familiar with terms like Branding, Networking or Digital Strategy? All of them refer to the new features that a company should have in mind, in order to adapt to the new technological and social trends. If you want to know what the different Spanish ecommerce have to say about design, Social Media and Online Marketing, you cannot miss the next e-Show in Barcelona, on 16th and 17th March.

11/3/16 Gardiner comes back to Barcelona

Sir John Eliot Gardiner comes back to Barcelona. The incomparable orchestra director will perform Bach´s St Matthew Passion next Tuesday 15th of March at the Palau de la Musica Catalana.

9/3/16 Your hotel with live music recommends the musical proposals at El Molino

Leisure and music, music and entertainment are a promising set that daily becomes more important in our city. If we are talking about music, melodies and chords, we cannot overlook the contribution of El Molino from Barcelona. They are specialist in alternative music genres, specifically; jazz, flamenco and rumba are protagonists, depending on the day. However, El Molino would not be what it is without its spectacular proposals during the Jazz Nights. If you ever decide to assist, on March 15, you have an appointment with Open Gate, a group formed by the voice of Susana Sheiman and chords of Artur Regada, Caspar Saint-Charles, Toni Solá and Xavier Algans.

2/3/16 Exhibition “El Peso de un Gesto” from Julião Sarmiento at CaixaForum

The pieces of art from CaixaForum celebrate their prosperity and aim to provide a new perspective through the eyes of Julião Sarmento. The Portuguese artist explains his perception of some of the collections of Fundació “la Caixa”, MACBA and the CAM from the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. If you are free and you have the opportunity of assisting, the exhibition starts today and finishes on May, 1rs.