22/6 Barcelona beaches

Chances are that if you visit Barcelona you feel tempted to spend a day at the beach, especially if you plan to visit the area of Barceloneta and the Olympic Village. Heat, good weather and sea breezes encourage us to grab our bathing suit and take a dip in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. Hotel Omm, hotel 5* in Barcelona, presents you our best beaches to enjoy the summer atmosphere of this city.

19/6 Picasso Route

Barcelona was a key element in Picasso’s life and acknowledging this helps to understand his work and his personal life. Picasso spent his formative years in this city, receiving training in the art school of La Llotja, an academy located in a Gothic building in the Palau Square. Barcelona marked the youth of this Malaga painter who watched the city from his terrace and painted the rooftops and the Mediterranean atmosphere. Omm Luxury Hotel in Barcelona presents the Picasso route.

15/6 Els Encants Vells

Omm Hotel & Spa Barcelona presents Els Encants Vells, a market with more than 7 centuries of existence, making it one of the oldest markets in Europe that still exist. It originated in the thirteenth century, and this fact has made it one of the most important markets of the city of Barcelona, receiving about 100,000 visitors a week.

12/6 Grec Festival Barcelona

The Grec Festival is just around the corner, and is that during the month of July the city of Barcelona is filled with music, theater, circus shows and much more. Omm Hotel 5* Barcelona tells you what you can find in this year’s program and why you can’t miss this great festival. Do you want to join us?

10/6 Gaudí Route

Barcelona is inconceivable without Gaudí. The Park Güell, Casa Milà and the Gothic neighborhood are flooded by his personality, so characteristic and different from other artists. Hotel Omm, luxury hotel in Barcelona, presents the Gaudí route, a route that not only all art lovers should do, but anyone who wants to know the essence of Barcelona.

8/6 Jessica Lange – Unseen

Jessica Lange is known for being a versatile and talented actress who has made us laugh and mourn more than once through the screen. But, although life brought her to Spain and France where she decided to pursue a career in drama, the Oscar-winning actress received a scholarship from the University of Minnesota in 1967 to study photography. Omm Hotel & Spa Barcelona tells you her story.