25/1/17 Picasso Romanic

Pablo Picasso was a unique and changing artist, the dedication that he put to each one of his work pieces is something palpable in each one of his canvases. In his work you can see how he was discovering several styles in which to work and feel reinvented. In the “Picasso Romànic” exhibition available from the 19th to the 26st of January at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya you can see the transformation of the artist’s style after visiting the same museum in 1934.

23/1/17 080 Barcelona Fashion

At Hotel Omm we are always aware of the events in the city, so we could not forget the most important fashionable event of the city: the 19th winter edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion starting on January 30 until February 3.

18/1/17 Art and cinema. 120 years of exchanges

Art and film have always been closely related, in fact it is said that cinema owes much to art and art owes much to the cinema. These two disciplines have been for years indebted to each other for the interminable exchange of influences they have shared and that we can now see in the exhibition “Art and cinema. 120 years of exchanges” that will be until March 26 at CaixaForum Barcelona.

16/1/17 Guitar BCN 2017

The music festival Guitar BCN, dedicated mainly to the world of the 6 strings, heats motors to begin a new edition next January 23 in the old theater Arteria Paral.lel, nowadays is the space known as BARTS (Barcelona Arts On Stage) and managed by the promoter The Project, responsible for organizing several renowned music festivals in Barcelona, including Guitar BCN 2017, which this year is exceeded with incredible programming.

11/1/17 ZAS! Dance and Magic

At Hotel Omm we also want the little ones to enjoy their time in Barcelona, that’s why today we are talking about “ZAS!”, a show presented by the young magician “Magic Pablo” who fuses magic and dance to offer the public an original and entertaining spectacle in Sala Xavier Fàbregas del Teatreneu until February 26.

9/1/17 Moustache: A Rhythm Musical Comedy

One of the most spectacular musicals of the season has arrived in Barcelona to stay until next January 29 at the Teatre Apolo. Moustache: The Rhythm Musical mixes humor, music and dance with the purpose of offering the viewer an exciting story, full of humor and of coursea lot of rhythm.