4/5 FC Barcelona Vs Bayern Munich

UEFA Champions League semifinals are here and the excitement can already be felt in the atmosphere in Barcelona. Camp Now is ready to host which is probably the most important game of the season for FC Barcelona, facing Bayern Munich in the first leg of the semifinal. Omm Hotel & Spa 5* tells you with details.

29/4 Restaurant Tragamar

The Summer is here and, with it, restaurant Tragamar’s reopening. Located on Platja de Canadell (Canadell Beach), one of Costa Brava’s most beautiful coves, Tragamar is a rice and seafood restaurant based on fish, seafood, meat, snacks and salads. What’s new in this year will especially make vegetable lovers happy, as they have added a vegetarian menu created by the specialist Carmen Vila.

27/4 Bob Dylan in the Festival “Jardines de Pedralbes”

The third edition of the Festival Jardines de Pedralbes (Pedralbes’ Gardens) has as the head line the great Bob Dylan, who will act July 4th, but the program also includes Anastasia, Pet Shop Boys and Paul Weller among others. Omm Hotel & Spa 5* tells you everything you need to know about this event that will liven Barcelona’s summer nights.

24/4 Parks in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of those cities that can be discovered in many different ways: through its neighborhoods, its culture, its art… but there is also a green Barcelona, the Barcelona of the parks and gardens that are spotted around the city. They are green spaces of high interest, whether botanic, urban or sculptural. Omm Hotel & Spa 5* Barcelona invites you to wear comfortable shoes and walk with us through these spaces full of life.

22/4 Other smalls museums of Barcelona

As we told you a few days ago, Barcelona is a city full of culture and entertainment that sometimes is unnoticed; there are hundreds of very interesting but unknown small museums. OMM Hotel & Spa Barcelona tells you about these hidden places to complete your visit with some curiosities.

20/4 Sant Jordi

April 23rd is a very special day in Barcelona because Sant Jordi, the patron of the city, is celebrated. In this day a very deep tradition takes place among the Catalan people: women get a rose and men get a book in exchange. From Omm Spa Barcelona, we tell you everything that happens this day so you can enjoy it as an authentic Catalan.