11/4/16 “Making Africa” Exhibition

If you are interested in anthropology, in the cultures of the world, particularly in Africa, it has an obligatory appointment at the exhibition “Making Africa”, which takes place from March 23 to August 28, 2016 at the CCCB. This exhibition presents the work of more than one hundred creators and African artists, treating Africa as a continent “constantly under construction” and allowing for the most optimistic aspects and leaving the more negative side, the different clichés and stereotypes ingrained in this culture. This initiative offers a whole new perspective of Africa, thus vindicating a free future through the consolidation of a new cultural generation in creation and design.

8/4/16 Bellcaire Exhibition – Encants Vells

If you have planned to visit Barcelona during these holidays, you cannot forget to attend to the most important outdoor market in the city, Encants Vells, also known as Bellcaire exhibition, situated in the centre city, more concretely in the emblematic district of Eixample. It is important to mention that this fairground was constructed over a large area of almost 3,000 m2.

6/4/16 Sara Baras comes back to Barcelona

Sara Baras comes back to Barcelona to present the performance Voces at Teatro Tivoli from April 6th until the May 1st.

24/3/16 The classic match: Barca vs Madrid

If you plan to spend the weekend of the 2nd of April in Barcelona, ​​you cannot miss the Barça-Madrid match at Camp Nou. It is the last match between this two football teams, during the League season. However, this time, it will be held in the Catalan capital. If you are here, you should not miss it, if you are planning to visit Barcelona, ​​anticipate and book your ticket, in order to enjoy a memorable match.

10/2/16 Ozom, the show

Magic is not contingent on age. With this phrase, we can portray the magic show and interpretation that fills the Teatre Condal until February 21st.

8/2/16 For Valentine’s Day: Eros Ramazzotti

Barcelona celebrates this Valentine’s Day with a love personality: Eros Ramazzotti. The Italian singer known for singing about love and romance arrives at the Palau Sant Jordi on February 14th.