6/5/16 Summer is Almost Here

The summer is coming and Spaciomm wants to prepare your skin with the promotional treatment of this month. It is an exfoliation massage with pure vitamin C.

1/4/16 New body treatment by Natura Bissé

The spring is already here and Spaciomm has a new body treatment “O2 Body Perfection” by Natura Bissé. This treatment will give more hydration and smoothness to your skin, something necessary after the winter time.

5/2/16 Special treatment: “Detox Circuit”

This month Spaciomm offers you the “detox circuit”.

27/1/16 Zurich Marató Barcelona

Sport has always been the key point for the meeting of multitudes in Barcelona. Year after year, several solidary marathons take place in the city. For the runners, Barcelona is an excellent place for sport: wide avenues, beauty and different grounds to run.

4/9/15 September Special Treatment: Detoxify Massage

We are at the end of the summer and Spaciomm keeps working for you. How do you feel? Maybe your skin is thirsty after the sunny days, maybe your organism need a “detox” to eliminate all the stains…We can help you!

14/8/15 Spaciomm: luxury cares

Spaciomm the relaxation and personal care center of Hotel Omm has an offer of very special and exclusive treatments.