27/6/13 Chema Madoz in Barcelona: Ars Combinatoria

Chema Madoz, the Spanish photographer winner of the National Award of Photgraphy in the year 2000, presents the exhibition Chema Madoz. Ars Combinatoria, you can see it at La Pedrera until July, 28th.

The exposition of one of the most important contemporary artists in the current artistic scene will make a retrospective in the trajectory of Chema Madoz, including pieces created from the end of the 80s until the most current ones. You can see over 70 pieces full of poetry and magic.

Chema Madoz (Madrid, 1958) characterizes by transforming reality trough photographic supports, turning objects into something they are not and getting to fill his plays of limitless visual poetry and symbolism. Another characteristic of the suggestive artist is his irony, his photographs not only generate admiration because of their esthetic composition but also because of their capacity to distort reality creating unimaginable metaphors and burst with irony, inviting to reflection constantly.

In this exhibition, it is also posible to enjoy a section where are shown the collaboration made between the artist and the poets Joan Brossa, with whom created the book Fotopoemario and Salvador Espriu, with whom developed the collection of poems Per al llibre de salms d’aquests vells cecs, in which each one of the forty haikus from the Sinera poet were accompanied by a Madoz’s photograph.

The exhibition is located very close to our hotel in Paseo de Gracia, Hotell Omm. You can see it at La Pedrera (Passeig de Gràcia, 92) until July, 28th.

The entrance is free so we recommend you that after a morning doing shopping in the area and having lunch in our Roca Moo, where you can enjoy out Mid-day Moo menu, you step by this exposition to enjoy a wide retrospective into the work of one of the most renowned name in the Spanish contemporary photography.