20/3/13 Contra Tàpies, a different look on a unique artist

“Contra-Tàpies” is a project that began as a book to convert into an exhibition where Tàpies has been situated amongst other great artists, writers, poets and photographers, such as Pasolini or Helen Levitt. After we thought we knew the entire history of Tàpies, the project provides an innovative look around the work of the painter, and we see there are more stories yet to be told. You can visit this exhibition from Tuesday to Sunday from 10h to 19h, until June 9 at the Fundació Antoni Tapies (c / Arago, 255).

Contra Tàpies is an exhibition born from three questions:

a) What were the tensions and links Tàpies’ work had with the subsequent artistic movements to which it was assigned?

b) What type of dialogue and critical exhortation could artists from a different time period and radically different aesthetic paradigms have with Tàpies?

c) Did Tàpies ever fantasize, as Borges did, that the entire epic literature about “lo tapiano” was addressing others and not himself?

In this ingenious project, the specific work of six contemporary artists that challenge the work and the symbolism of the Catalan designer are also discussed. “It is used as a subject, not to pay homage,” said the exhibition curator. The proposed update of the painter figure also includes some of his personal correspondence, which until now had remained unpublished.

In Carrer d’Arago, next to our Paseo de Gracia Hotel, you will find this great exhibition which will be shown during four months at the Fundació Antoni Tapies.