25/6/14 FADfest design available to everyone

The FADfest is the festival of industrial design, graphic design and visual communication, architecture and interior design, fashion, art and craftsmanship. Today 25th of june open the fourth edition with the aim of bringing the design to worldwide.

Barcelona for two weeks will be a showcase organized by the association FAD (Fostering Arts and Design), where they will discover the best ideas of the year, by professionals and businesses.

In this way, highlights some awards fifty-year history, as the Laus Awards graphic design and visual communication, industrial design Delta Awards or FAD Awards of Architecture and Interior Design.

In the last edition of FADfest awards granted to two of our suppliers. On the one hand, the company Santa & Cole is a specialist in urban design and exterior lighting. On the other hand, studying graphic design and art direction ESIETE is the creator of the website of Hotel Omm.

From our Barcelona design hotel, Hotel Omm, we encourage you to visit the FADfest, which is an event of cross vocation, with the active support of institutions and companies.