7/8/13 Immerse yourself in the Aquarium of Barcelona!

If you are a lover of dolphins, sharks and the aquatic world in general, this summer is the best time to involve you in a transoceanic adventure in the Aquarium of Barcelona. With a total of 35 tanks, 11.000 animals of 450 different species, an underwater tunnel of 80 meters, and an immense Oceanarium is the most important center Mediterranean-themed in Europe.

Be one of the 14 million people who haven’t missed this unique show since its opening in September 1995 and enjoy an amazing and fun way to discover the wealth hidden in the seas and oceans of our planet. Species such as the blacktip shark, the white tips shark and the bull shark, will swim before your eyes during a guided tour that will give much to talk about.

If you are curious and want to jump into the water, you can also learn all their secrets by attending a sharks monograph, after which you will be able to check all you’ve learned, immersing in the Aquarium’s Oceanarium. You will see closer than ever more than 15 sharks in a tank of 4 million liters of water and over 5.000 fishes like morey eels, groupers, rays, etc.

In addition, Aquarium proposes to spend a different day with the whole family with special activities for children, for example “Sleeping with sharks” including dinner and breakfast. The Aquarium also gives you the chance to become a diver for a day, into the water of the Oceanarium, where you will learn about the signs of dive, you will use a regulator, breathe under the water, you will practice buoyancy and scrolling through submerged rings.

In the heart of Moll d’Espanya in the Port Vell of Barcelona, the Aquarium is located in an easily accessible place by public transport, either by bus or metro. And if you’re a sportive person, do not miss the opportunity to take a leisurely bike ride along the magnificent Port of Barcelona before entering!