21/7/14 A Japanese garden at Casa Asia

Since Wednesday 9th July you can visit the exhibition at Asia House in Barcelona: “A Japanese Garden: topographies of the Void”, by the artist Esther Pizarro. The Immaculate Modernist building at Sant Pau in Barcelona becomes a Japanese garden where everything has a symbolism.

You will go to an exhibition where all the elements will move you to Japan . It is an ancient tradition represented by the figure of “Japanese Garden”. You will discover the Japanese garden as a  natural landscape and the construction of a cultural identity.  You will also see that the principles of Japanese gardendeal with the world of cartography and map in an ephemeral place.

With a great visual impact, the exhibition occupies 500 square meters where the Japanese differencesn are expressed. From Hotel Omm, we propose a different experience in the city. You can visit it until 2nd of November.