30/8/13 Japonismo, fascination by Japanese art.

If you are interested by Japanese culture now you have the chance to see “Japonismo. La fascinación por el arte japonés” exposition in CaixaForum until the 15th of September.

The art show reviews the Japanese influence in the Spanish art in nineteenth and twentieth centuries through 300 paintings ceded by 108 providers from the most important museums and collections around the world. Specifically, the Japonismo means the influence that Japanese art has in Occidental art and it began when Japan opened up to the world in Meiji restoration. Thanks to this and after a prolonged isolation, Japan opened up to the whole world bringing its influence to Europe.

This movement begun in Spain in 1870 decade, had its major influence during the last ten years and influenced the biggest modernism artists with a lot of aesthetic proposals and references like Marià Fortuny, Pablo Picasso or Joan Miró works.

Also, in CaixaForum, you will be able to see the recreation of the Japanese pavilion in the Universal Exposition in Barcelona in 1888. It’s an incredible opportunity to enjoy these amazing artistic works and the Japanese cinema series. There will be workshops for the children in CaixaForum Kids space.

“Japonismo. La fascinación por el arte japonés” represents a unique ocasión to see the links between oriental and occidental culture. You can visit the exposition from Monday to Friday from 10 to 20h, and Saturday, Sunday and holidays until 21h. The tickets cost only 4 euros.

Also, to have a perfect Japanese day, from our Barcelona five star hotel, Hotel Omm, we recommend you a perfect meal in El Japonés, a oriental restaurant located two minutes away from our luxury hotel in Paseo de Gracia.