23/10/13 Laberinto de Horta park, a place to get lost

Today, from Hotel Omm, Barcelona 5-star hotel, we want to introduce you the most emblematic labyrinth in Barcelona, the park of Laberinto de Horta, located in Passeig Castanyers, number 1, in Horta-Guinardó neighbourhood (Mundet subway station).

It is the most antique historical garden that exists in Barcelona, designed by Domenico Bagutti. The works started in 1794 and the first construction phase ended in 1808. Nowadays, you can see in the park a neoclassical garden from XVIII century and a romantic garden from XIX century, both with stylistic references to their times.

Also, these gardens had been testimonies of bigger receptions as the ones of Carlos IV or Alfonso XVIII and between its corners, you will find majestic statues inspired on Greek mythology like Danae, Artemisa or the Minotaur, among others.

In the actuality, the park is a museum-garden that maintains the natural environment and its infrastructures with a number of visitors around 750. The park has 9.1 hectares divided in two parts. In one part there is the main attraction, the 750 metres labyrinth full of cypresses that give the name to the parc. A challenge for those who walk in…

From our Barcelona spa hotel, Hotel Omm, you can take the green line in Paseo de Gracia and put yourself in the shoes of Alice in Wonderland for a day. Remember that you can visit this magic place from 10 am. to 6 pm. and get lost in the nature with leaving Barcelona.