14/8/13 Las Fiestas de Gracia begins!

This week, between 15th and 21st of August, will take place in Barcelona one of the most popular festivals: Las Fiestas de Gracia, a colourful carnival with original and creative activities that attract many people to this singular neighbourhood in Barcelona.

Gracia neighbourhood receives every year a lot of people who don’t want to miss the chance to live these festivals that have been celebrating since XIX century. There are a lot of events and activities such as concerts, beer tasting, contest, sport activities, workshops, parades, castellers, dinners with all the neighbours, theatre plays, exposition, etc.

The most important element in this celebration, which is more civic than religious, is the Gracia Street’s decoration, a tradition from the last third of the XIX Century that became a contest in 1920.

Every neighbourhood association decides how they want to decorate their street, balcony or square and when the festival finishes, the most original decoration wins. This year, there will be 17 decorated streets and Joan Blancas de Arriba street, which has been winning year after year, won’t participate in this occasion.

During festival’s eves and working days, the party will be over at 2a.m., and Friday and Saturday, there will be activities until 3:30a.m. In order to avoid any noise which may disturb the neighbourhood, there will be sound level limiters in 47 scenarios and festival localizations.

If you are in town, from Hotel Omm we encourage you to walk through the decorated streets of Gracia and if you want more, you can end up drinking a cocktail in La Terraza, our terrace in our Barcelona 5 star hotel.