25/9/13 Las fiestas del Roser in La Rambla

The “Asociación de amigos de la Rambla” organizes once again “Las fiestas del Roser”, in honor of the patron of la Rambla, the Virgin Mary Roser, on 7 October.

During the week, various popular activities will take place as the opening of the exhibition “Rambla postal” the next tuesday 1st of October in la Rambla Santa Monica.

The next 5th at 12pm, there will be a floral gift called “A flower of desire”, in La Rambla, 99. An hour later, there will be an opening of the square dedicated to the teacher Josep Rodoreda in Sant Pau 9, right in front of the Café de la Ópera. In the evening, at 20pm, you’ll love Pascal Comelade’s “orchestra Bel canto” show in the Teatrino del Conservatorio del Liceo.

Another concert, this time in charge of the Orfeó Català, will fill up the Teatro Principal de La Rambla, 27, on October 6 at 19pm. At the same time the following day, there will be given the awards of “Ramblista de Honor” in the Salón de Ciento of the Ajuntament de Barcelona and finally, on the 10th, do not miss the panel session “De la Rambla de Postal a las Postales de la Rambla”, in the School of Design Elisava (La Rambla, 30).

And if you have time, go up La Rambla towards the Hotel Omm, Hotel in Paseo de Gracia with Roselló and order a cocktail in our Roca Bar!