2/8/13 Live the first game of the season with Gamper Trophy!

Next 2nd of august will take place Joan Gamper Trophy, the traditional football match that Barça organizes every year and plays against the bigger football clubs in the world.

The trophy is called Joan Gamper in honor of FC Barcelona founder. This year, the football club has chosen to play against Santos, one of the most important teams in Brasil. This match will prepare FC Barcelona for the next matches, Supercopa and Liga.

The 48th edition of Joan Gamper will coincide with the first team presentation in Camp Nou. This is the fourth year that Joan Gamper is the first match that FC Barcelona plays at its own ground because Supercopa and Liga matches are later.

This way, on the 2nd of Augusta t 20:30h, the first team presentation will take place in Camp Nou and after that, at 21:30h, the match will begin against Santos. Santos is the Recopa Sudamericana winner and it started a new edition of Campeonato Brasileño Serie A.

One of the protagonists in the match will be the new Barça football player, Neymar, who will play against his old football fellows in Santos. Also, you will have the change to see the two Barça cracks, Messi and Neymar, playing together for the first time.

For this match, the Barça t-shirt typography will be different. Anna Vives, a girl with Down Syndrome, designed the typography that will show on the t-shirt in Joan Gamper’s  Trophy.

If you can’t go to the stadium and want to see the first game of the season, from Hotel Omm, we recommend you to come to our Roca Bar in Barcelona city centre to enjoy the best football.