27/3/13 Siena, a thoughtful reflection about being human

One of the youngest dance companies in Spain, La Veronal created in 2005 by Valencian director Marcos Morau, is coming this spring to Barcelona. The Spanish choreography group is finally coming to the Mediterranean after spending a long time touring in countries including Iceland (2012), Russia (2011), Finland (2010), Maryland (2009), and Sweden (2008).

Siena, what they named their new production composed of twelve dancers, will feature at the Mercat de les Flors this Easter Break from April 4-7. The spectacle will be fashioned in the same manner as its’ antecedents in which Morau uses the location of a city or country to establish a parallel between geography and choreography.

In this case the new production theme reflects the idea of the human body in the past and present. The human body has been studied by numerous artists, painters, writers, and filmmakers amongst others. Morau, as an artist, wants to delve into the topic as well, using the Italian Renaissance as his fountain of inspiration.

The show traces the history of art beginning with the Italian Renaissance, in which the idea of a renaissance man is undoubtedly the embodiment of being human, and then arrives to our contemporary world today. Through a reproduction of the Venus of Urbino, the Italian painter Tiziano, the texts sung in English, and the dancers, the audience is immersed in a strange space where the representation of the body is mixed with the real body. It is a game of ekphrasis where there is verbal and visual representation.

Siena forces the viewer to contemplate being human through two eras: the Renaissance, where man became the center of the universe and the 21st century where the individual is part of the whole.

After passing through Barcelona and performing in the Mercat de les Flores, La Veronal will tour through Italy, Germany, and Sweden.