11/10/13 Sitges 2013 begins

This 11th October begins in Sitges the best horror and science fiction film festival. Known worldwike, Sitges Film Festival will begin with its 46 edition.

The festival will last 10 days with 150 movies for horror and science fiction movie fans. This year, the festival will be placed in different parts of the town from 11th to 20th of October.

Elijah Wood will be part of this edition. His last film, “Grand Piano”, will be responsible for the festival opening. Movie fans will also enjoy with the presence of Alejandro Jodorowski and Charles Dance. On the other hand, Eli Roth will introduce his new film and second movie as a director after “Hostel 2”, “The Green Inferno”. If we talk about sequels, people will be able to see “Insidious part 2”, a new movie phenomenon from the Malaysian director, James Wan.

This year’s edition is about evil’s origins and the presence of Satan. This way the festival wants to pay tribute to Roman Polanski’s film “Rosemary’s Baby” that is celebrating its 45th birthday. Promotional posters can be seen in every town and they show a stroller in flames with the famous San Bartolomé and Santa Tecla church behind it. These posters always pay tribute to the festival annual theme and they always surprise us.

This new edition, as usual, will bring a loyal and international audience. The festival sold more than 6000 tickets during the first day making it a record attendance as a movie festival.

From Hotel Omm, our Barcelona 5-star hotel, we encourage you to visit Sitges and enjoy the festival and its great atmosphere.