4/10/13 The Chinese pianist Lang Lang will play in Barcelona

The younger Chinese pianist Lang Lang comes to Spain on tour with a last concert in Barcelona where he will play on the 10th of October in the Auditori de Barcelona.

After the visit on the 1st in the Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao, the Auditorio de Zaragoza on the 3rd, the Palau de la Música de Valencia on the 4th and the Auditorio Nacional de Madrid on the 8th, the young musician will play his piano and the tourist and people from Barcelona will enjoy his live concert.

Considered one of the world’s finest classical pianist, Lang Lang will play in this tour the sonatas number 4,5 and 8 of Amadeus Mozarts which he played already when he was 7 years old; and ballads 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Fréderic Chopin.

The new thing on this tour is that Lang Lang will be accompanied by a camera who will record all his concerts around Spain. Also, it will be possible to interact with the musician. With this project, Lang Lang wants to show to the public all the hidden things that happen before and after the concerts.

From our Barcelona luxury hotel, we receive the artist with illusion and we recommend you to come to his next concert on the 10th of October in the Auditori because music is after all, life itself.