22/1/14 Tricicle gives us a reason to smile with Bits

We don’t have to tell humor lovers which group is presenting its new show in Barcelona. If you still doubt, we’re talking about Tricicle group, the gag kings. You have until 2nd of February to see the new show they will be performing at Poliorama theatre.

n this show, Tricicle works with the last technologies and start the show with a light suit imitating men from the future that play and have fun with the many possibilities that their suits offer. Also, in this show, we would be able to hear more than a word from the actors. Until now, Tricicle won their popularity making critical humor and saying nothing.

In Bits show, we find sketches that take place during the day but as the show goes on, this situation become weirder where the laughs are assured. More than thousand people enjoyed Bits. Their particular and surrealistic way to see the humor is the most effective formula in a situation that the best thing to do is laugh. Bits received a lot of critics that regards it as one of the best shows of the Catalan group.

With this show, Tricicle wants to say goodbye, after eight successful shows, with their best sketches. This show is a self tribute that will give you a lot of laughs. After this show that is touring through all Spain, Tricicle will leave the stage.

To celebrate this successful 40 years, Tricicle will create next year a tour with their best gags of all time. After this, the actor will focus in their personal lives and the creation of new shows where they won’t act but will use Tricicle brand. We have to remind you that under this brand there are great shows like Forever Young, a successful show that took place a few years ago.

From our luxury hotel, Hotel Omm, we encourage you to join to the other people that saw this Tricicle show in Poliorama theatre in the middle of Barcelona. Go before 2nd February and don’t miss this hilarious show.