28/3/13 You have a date with Barça!

UEFA Champions League is the most important club tournament in Europe and Barcelona FC takes on PSG for the quarterfinals in Paris on April 2nd and they return for the home game at Camp Nou on April 10th.

UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious European football tournament at the club level beginning in 1955 and held annually to date. To be qualified is an honor for any team and loyal fans surge with emotions watching their club battle equally talented teams for the ultimate prize to be reigned champions. Currently, in the quarterfinal stage of play, we are faced with three teams from Spain, two from Germany, as well as one team from Italy, France, and Turkey.

Barcelona has a long history of success in the tournament with recent wins in 2006, 2009, and 2011. This year has been nothing short of riveting for the club, with new Head Coach TitoVilanova at the forefront. Barças’ latest predecessor AC Milan gave them a run for their money and just as fans were about to throw in the towel, they made an immaculate comeback, revitalizing the team with an undisputed 4-0 win. The big question is can Barcelona use this momentum to power forward and face their next rival PSG (Paris Saint-Germain)?

On April 2 at 20:45 Barcelona and PSG play in Paris and the home game at Camp Nou in Barcelona will be held April 10 at 20:45. Camp Nou is the largest football stadium in Europe and would be an experience of a lifetime to watch the game live with the glorious chants and cheers of energetic spectators and the amazing display of talent by the players. If you are not lucky enough to nab tickets, it is recommendable to stop in a bar, grab a bite to eat and drink where you can equally join in on the enthusiasm. Why not head over to Ommsession, a luxury club by Hotel Omm, and enjoy the game in style!

Make sure you keep an eye on consecutive four time Balon de Oro winner Leo Messi as well as the powerful PSG player Zlatan Ibrahimovic as they battle for the title. You don’t want to miss out on this epic game and the chance to watch Barcelona strive to continue the legacy of greatness.