The importance of time perception through the photography of Hiroshi Sugimoto

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His work demands and claims one of the minimalist principles of the XXI Century: “Less is more”. Your 5 stars hotel in Barcelona ​​ recommends discovering the mysteries that lie behind Sugimoto’s work. The images presented in the exhibition respond to the demand and the need of peace, prosperity and harmony in the Western society.

Who is Hiroshi Sugimoto?

Sugimoto was born in Japan in 1948. Today, his life revolves around two, deeply artistic, cities: Tokyo and New York. By his point of view, print has a vital importance in his work; in fact, his pieces of art are always printed with high quality and an infinite quantity of black and grey tonalities.

If anything characterizes this photographer and his images in black and white, is the use of natural light, shadows and shapes. His work invites to a constant reflection on the origin and history of the world, providing concepts such as space and time that acquire a new perception thanks to Sugimoto.

Establishments such as the MOMA in New York and the Metropolitan have been responsible of his popularity, by the exhibition of his work. However, this time, you will have the opportunity to take a look at his art at “Casa Garriga”, thanks to the Mapfre Foundation.

Style and work

Blur, nothingness and emptiness are essential concepts for the artist, in order to reflect the passage of time and its origin. He focuses on simple and subtle ways to contemplate and demonstrate our perception of time.

Sugimoto defines himself as a man from the Stone Age, trying to give presence to our roots that sometimes remain unforgotten. Our contemporary way of thinking has changed our way of valuating time and space, Sugimoto wants to return the values ​​of the past to our times, through photography. His inspiration? Life, death and the passage of time. His style? We could locate him in Dadaism and Surrealism, claiming concepts hidden behind simple and blurred shapes.

Have an exceptional weekend at our 5 star hotel in Barcelona, ​​you will also have the opportunity of exploring the life and work of this Asian master. For further information, you can book or enter the Mapfre Foundation’s website.