The Holy Week: processions, palms and “La Mona”

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Your Barcelona centre hotel recommends this type of cultural activities. It is a chance to start discovering this amazing city and the perfect opportunity to offer worship to religion. The processions, in general, are something characteristic of our country that takes place during the Easter holidays. Around these celebrations, customs and Christian traditions have become very popular. Which ones?

The Palm and Easter sweets, “La Mona”

On Palm Sunday, tradition says that the Godmother should give the largest and most beautiful palm to his Goddaughter or Godson. This Spanish habit has evolved and a purely Christian celebration, has been introducing new customs, such as decorating this palm with toys and candy.

Although, as we said, the celebration has evolved over time, it is still considered a Christian tradition, where palms should be blessed during the Mass at 12, after the procession scheduled for the Palm Sunday.

On the other hand, in Catalonia, the Easter cakes, or what we call “Mona de Pascua”, is another of the traditions that worship the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. It symbolizes the end of Lent and abstinence. It is a custom dedicated to the smallest ones of the family, in which the godfather gives a sweet, normally made of chocolate, to his godchild. This sweet, which is achieving original and fun shapes, is delivered on Palm Sunday and kids eat it and enjoy it on Monday.

The processions during Holy Week

The first one will take place on Palm Sunday, March 20, in this case and as every year, the procession reflects the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, just days before his passion, death and resurrection. The route known as “La Borriquita” will begin in Plaza Sant Agusti, at 10:00 am, and will the route will continue through the different streets of Raval and the Gothic neighbourhood. At 12, coinciding with the end of the route, a ceremony to bless the Palms will take place at Plaza Sant Agusti.

On March 25, during Holy Friday, two processions will start during the afternoon. The tour will wander through the neighbourhood of Raval and the Gothic. The rout will start at the Sant Agusti square and the other one will take place at the Ghotic quarter, starting at Ferran Street, stopping at Portaferrissa and at touristy and cultural corners, like “La Boqueria”.

If you stay at our Barcelona centre hotel, ​​we recommend celebrating the Holy Week with us. Remember that these days are equally enjoyable for those who are not Christian; the sun returns to the city and stores are full of chocolates and sweets forming all kinds of sculptures and shapes. Enjoy this great week in Barcelona and … Happy Easter!