33th International Comic Salon of Barcelona

Art, Barcelona, Hotel Omm

The salon also will hold many other expositions like the Cifré & Cifré that will pay tribute to two generations of authors of different style but genious in their own way, an exposition dedicated to “The Spirit”, great serie of black genre created by Will Eisner, and with a more positive touch, an exposition dedicated to the romantic comics published by female Spanish authors under the title “Authors of the feminine comic in the Franco period. 1940/1970”.

The show will count with the presence of recognized authors such as Ralph Meyer, Frédéric Bézian and Fumio Obata, invited by Ecc Editions-Spaceman Books. On the other hand, David Saltzberg, the scientific assessor of The Big Bang Theory, will participate in several speeches and conferences among the scientific divulgation activities; because this year the science world will have a big part in this salon, being present in expositions and conferences.

Omm Hotel & Spa 5* encourages you to visit this little fantasy world, and if you are a comic and fantasy literature lover, all the more necessary. Don’t hesitate and dive into the pages of this genre.