Sitges Film Festival 2016


The damsels are not in distress anymore

Same as every year, at the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia you can watch the new proposals of fantastic and terror genre in cinematography, but this year in particular we can see how the females take charge and are dominating this movie genre. One of the most anticipated proposals of this year it’s the movie “Raw” from director Julia Ducournau, maybe it’s because of the huge response it obtained from the public at the Toronto’s Film Festival. Another expected film is “Desierto”by the award winner director Jonás Cuaron, who received a Bafta Award back in 2014 for his work in Gravity (2013). In the movie, “Desierto” Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal, plays the rol of a young man trying to escape from the Sonora desert, where he is pursue by a righteous North American man who pretends to block the entrance of illegal

Big celebrities

Of course during the days of the Sitges Film Festival celebrities could not be missed, so this year to receive the Honorific Award actor Max Von Sydow its coming as a guest to opening ceremony of the festival. Von Sydow is known for his iconic roles in the cult tv series from the 80’s “Flash Gordon” and most recently for his role as the Three Eye Raven in HBO hit series “Game of Thrones”. For the closing ceremony, the special guest is nonetheless but the veteran actor Christopher Walken, better known for his incredible work as “The Deer Hunter”.

They will be a fantastic, and terrifying days with a glamorous turn to visit Sitges. From 5 stars hotel in Barcelona we cannot think of a better time to visit this spectacular Catalan town.