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Fira de Sant Ponç

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Old tradition

The Fira de Sant Ponç is dedicated to medicinal herbs and it is a tradition in the City of Barcelona since the Middle Ages; in the sixteenth century was coincided with the day of Saint Ponce, on May 11 of each year.

The legend says that everything began when Sant Ponç arrived in Barcelona fleeing those who persecuted him for having converted many faithful to Christianity during the reign of Valerian I and Galileo. Arriving in Barcelona Sant Ponç found so much misery and disease among the people of the Catalan capital and he was determined to help them by using his knowledge in medicinal herbs to prepare healing potions. Doing this, Sant Ponç won the respect and appreciation of the people in Barcelona. Because of this, the fair of medicinal herbs originated in his honor and the people began to consider Sant Ponç as the patron of herbalists and beekeepers.

Aromas and flavors

Several localities of Catalonia celebrate this day with their own herb fair, but the most famous is still in the one at the Hospital de la Santa Cruz. In the beginning, the fair was in Plaza de San Miguel, and then it passed to street of Sant Cugat del Rec until finally it settled near the church of the Hospital de la Santa Cruz.

An incredible display of stalls selling floods the street with smells, colors and flavors, where we can find a variety of handmade products such as honey, candied fruits, jams, cottage cheese, yogurt, artisan cheeses and of course a myriad of medicinal herbs such as chamomile, laurel, Broom, poleo, hierba luisa, orange blossom, savory, etc.

It is certainly a charming fair for all ages to which you can easily walk from our design hotel in Barcelona as we are located near carrer de l’Hospital, venue of the fair between 09:00 and 21: 00hrs on May 11. Also is very close to another place of interest as is the CCCB where currently is the World Press Photo 2017 exhibition.