47 Voll-Damm International Festival

Hotel Omm

This is the 47th edition and it has trodden hard with a powerful proposal. The Voll-Damm International Festival runs to the last corner of the city of Barcelona filling it with music and style. The current edition has more than a hundred concerts and activities from large spaces to small music schools.

The International Jazz Festival began last September with the best beginning: Diana Krall. With a concert full of magic and music, the singer surprised us with her new album, Wallflower. Thus, the voice of jazz was the chosen to open the festival in order to make of this edition an unforgettable experience for all the spectators.

But the party does not stop here, there are a hundred of concerts to be performed and many of them are waiting for you. We are exposed to several concerts until September 11 with several faces of international jazz scene and new proposals. The artists are popularly known as it happens with Diana Krall, Iron & Wine, Chucho Valdes, Noa or Maria Schneider Orchestra.

Chucho Valdes is one of the most representative faces of this festival. This year he becomes the godfather of the festival, the pianist joins a proposal to approach emotional closeness to the audience. Chucho presents an unprecedented co-operation and joins to his two minor children to undergo the performance. He, who finds it hard to pigeonhole into a style, sees the festival as an opportunity to surprise with three unique projects.

Moreover, Noa, the Israeli singer worldly famous by the mixture of cultures and styles, however, becomes a safe bet for an event of good music. She has been consecrated as a singer by the co-operation with artists with a name like Serrat, Miguel Bosé and Stevie Wonder. It is certainly a jewel that we can enjoy on 9 December.

But we also have a place for a more internal and emotional encounter thanks to Maria Schneider. Music that brings out that so tender inner cry and that will make of this festival a poignant experience.

If you are passionate about music and you want to live a jazz experience that will touch you for life, Hotel Omm advises that you cannot miss the 47 Voll-Damm International Festival.