48h Open House Barcelona


A lot to discover

Barcelona is a city rich in architecture of different styles, modern, classical, etc. That’s why this initiative called 48h Open House Barcelona has been so successful since its opening in 2010. For many people curious and passionate about architecture these 48 hours can enjoy free access to buildings, which are not normally open to the public it is a great opportunity to get to know the details of their infrastructure, and even to meet and listen to the architects involved in the design of these buildings.

Esta iniciativa tiene su origen en Londres, concretamente en el año 1992, pero su éxito fue tan grande que poco a poco se ha ido expandiendo a diferentes ciudades del mundo, y por supuesto Barcelona no podía faltar en ese listado de ciudades participantes en el 48h Open House. Según sus propios creadores, el objetivo de este evento es hacerles vivir la arquitectura y la ciudad, dándoles la oportunidad de verla desde otra perspectiva.

This initiative originated in London, specifically in 1992, but its success was so great that gradually has been expanding to different cities in the world, and of course, Barcelona could not be miss in this list of cities participating in the 48h Open House. According to its creators, the goal of this event is to let them live the architecture and the city, giving them the opportunity to see it from another perspective.

 Environment, infrastructure and housing.

The 48h Open House Barcelona is divided into three areas: Open Green is dedicated to promoting architecture that takes care of the environment; Open Infrastructure is devoted to know buildings that somehow contribute to economic and social growth of the city; Open Social is the section dedicated to social housing that invites to know the different spaces that public organizations aimed to promote the right to housing.

One of the landmarks of Barcelona that are open during this time will be the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and Sayrach House.

From our luxury hotel in Barcelona we invite you to see the itineraries of this event dedicated to architecture on its official website. It is the perfect opportunity to see Barcelona from a new perspective.