5 architectural gems of Barcelona

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Royal Academy of Medicine – Ventura Rodríguez (1761)

Tn the 18th century, the dissection of human bodies were made in the anatomical amphitheater of the Royal Academy of Medicine, with the doctors sitting in the concentric stands and facing the operation table. Today everything is intact, even the marble with the drain for the viscera. Visit it in the Street Carme, 47.

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Palo Alto – Antoni Vila I Bruguera (1875)

Warehouses turned into lofts or chapel converted into bookstores are now common, but when the reuse of spaces was not a trend, a group of pioneers with Pierre Roca and Javier Mariscal at front bought a brickyard in Poblenou and reformed it into their studio. In the Palo Alto factory-garden currently co-habit 20 architect, designers and artists’ studios. You can find it at Pellaires Street, 30.

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David building – Ignasi Mas Morell (1914)

A classical façade hides ramps that allow getting by car even to the attic of the building and park in the office. This car utopia that was an icon in the “Gauche divine”, celebrates 100 years of life restored, because today it includes a gym inside and new co-working areas. You will find it in Aribau, 230-240 or Tuset, 19-21.

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Meridiana Dog track – Antoni Bonet (2010)

It officially closed in 2006 and a center for contemporary art was installed, but after a controversy it seems like this space will be taken over the 9th center of entrepreneurs. It can be found in Concepción Arenal Street, 165.

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The factory – Ricardo Bofill (1973-1975)

In an old cement factory of Sant Just Desvern, Ricardo Bofill made a double dream true: he built the Walden 7, the iconic and monumental vertical neighborhood, while transforming the deposits of the factory in his own house-studio, integrating the existing modules. It is located on Avenida de la Industria, 14.

If you have the chance, don’t hesitate and visit these architectural gems that make this city a unique and unrepeatable space and a source of architectural inspiration worldwide. Omm Hotel & Spa Barcelona whishes you a pleasant stay in the city.