5 reasons to visit Barcelona

  1. Sunny all year around

Barcelona has a privileged location that gifts the city with a smooth climate throughout the whole year. This fact makes it’s terraces even more popular, as it’s never too cold to enjoy them. Famous terraces such as ours at Hotel Omm, from where you can enjoy the sunset, enjoy the views of Casa Milà, SagradaFamília and the lights emitted from Montjuïc.


  1. It’s architecture

Barcelona is known as the Modernist capital, as many of the most famous exponents of this architectonic current, lived and work here, such as Antonio Gaudí. Due to this heritage, It’s not strange to be walking around the beautiful Eixample district and suddenly walk walk into a unique modernist house on many a block. One of the most impressive works that we recommend visiting are:la Pedrera and La Casa Batlló, both only 5 minutes away from our Hotel Omm in Paseo de Gracia


  1. Culture in every corner

Barcelona has turned into a very cosmopolitan city, continuously hosting artistic and cultural expositions all over the city. As if this wasn’t enough, there’s also a vast amount of Art Galleries, without forgetting the numerous amount of museums, most importantly MACBA, The Picasso Museum, The Miró Foundation and MNAC.


  1. A pleasure to the senses

Local gastronomy is very varied and includes dishes originary from both Catalunya as the rest of the country. One of the very particular and exclusive dishes of the region are the Calçots that are in season at the end of winter and the start of spring. If you come to the city and want to enjoy high quality cuisine, we recommend you to pay a visit to Roca Bar and Roca Moo, the latter having just been awarded a Michelin star and two stars in the Repsol Guide.


  1. Nightlife

Barcelona has an incredible nightlife to offer and it’s practically impossible to not find a bar or somewhere to go out any night of the week. Most of the preferred tourist bars and clubs are in Puerto Olímpico and the Old Town, although we recommend that you visit Omm Club, a venue that combines both electronic music with live performances by local and international artists.