6th edition of Mercat dels Mercats to Barcelona

Hotel Omm

As you know, Barcelona is the host for what concerns the Mediterranean cuisine. Taste the Mediterranean in the flavour of the meal has become an emblem of Barcelona as a culinary capital.

Still, from the Mediterranean we owe a tribute to the Americas, where we can get most of the ingredients of what is known as our Mediterranean diet. Without even being aware, a pinch of America was incorporated into our European markets.

If someone tells you that the Catalan pa amb tomàquet could not be tasted if it was not for this American collaboration in our kitchens, could you believe it? This is the purpose of the sixth edition of Mercat dels Mercats: To publicize and praise the important role that the American market has in our Mediterranean diet.

Many of the products that are part of our table and that are indispensable in our kitchens come from America: tomato, pepper, potatoes, chocolate… This continent is part of our particular cuisine and from Mercat dels Mercats the idea is to offer this small gesture of thanks and appreciation.

From Peru and as the guest kitchen wewill discover through the senses the flavour of what lies beyond the ocean and be part of these twinning cultures. Thus, the proposal of Hotel Omm gain perspective: enjoy the culinary offerings from the combination of two different traditions with a special flavour.

From Hotel Omm it fills us with joy to present you this initiative because like every year our restaurant Cuines Santa Caterina del Tragaluz Group is involved in this partnership.