The beauty of orient in the Lantern Festival

Art, Barcelona, Hotel Omm

The figures are between one and six meters height and have been hand made by Chinese artists coming from Zi Gong. The lanterns have been shipped by boat to Barcelona, where have been installed in the Parc del Fórum, taking over a space of 9.000 square meters. The figures, built with metallic structures and covered with multicolor silk from China, hold LED bulbs for energy saving, which allows the illumination and their particular beauty.

The lantern shows have a long tradition in China. The Chinese Lantern Festival is actually one of their biggest festivities that celebrate the climax of the Chinese New Year and the Moon Festival in August. Its origin produces from two popular Chinese legends, the legend of the emperor of Jade and of the emperor Hang Ming Di (28-75 AD).

This magnificent exposition, not only transfers the visitor to the Chinese culture and tradition through eight thematic areas, but also includes a tribute of the Catalan culture, reproducing Antoni Gaudí, Miró and Picasso works. From Hotel Omm we highly recommend this show, one of the first in Europe, as a way of knowing new cultures.