Alfonso Alzamora at the Vila Casas Foundation

Art, Hotel Omm

Alfonso Alzamora shows us what happens when art, philosophy and mathematics come together in “L’escala de l’enteniment. Ramon Llull, 1316-2016 “, an exhibition of art from the minimalist poetry. Do not miss the Espai Volart i Volart 2 of the Fundació Vila Casas until July 17th.

Alfonso Alzamora transforms the iconography of Ramon Llull in plastic art from the grammar of volume, symmetry and geometry. Based on the large amount of work Llull, in this exhibition, Alzamora among other works, it shows several versions of “Stairway to understanding”, a sculpture that part of the idea of ​​the cube.

The idea of ​​the cube

The Majorcan philosopher Ramon Llull, reflected in his extensive work with unitary vocation, the representation of knowledge in a unit, as the hub or the tree of knowledge. From this idea comes the stairs to the understanding, formed by cubes at the same time creating 8 steps, as marked by the Mallorcan wise pattern.

Alzamora captures Llull iconography in its various versions of the 8 steps, offering different interpretations of the same unitary idea and introducing the viewer into the work luliana, philosophical awakening curiosity in all of us.

These and other works can see them in the Volart i Volart 2 space of the Vila Casas Foundation, where you will discover a more than suggestive version of capture the philosophy luliana. Do not leave you indifferent.

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