Discover ‘Altas Horas’ Exhibition thanks to our luxury hotel in Barcelona

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The creator of the exhibition is Jordi Teixidor, a artist with national acknowledgement because of his particular work on doors and window as plastic concepts that allow different interpretations.

The luxury hotel in Barcelona encourages you to attend the appointment to admire the fascinating work of an artist with personal and artistic baggage on his back.

Jordi Teixidor, the artist

Jordi Teixidor is an artist born in Valencia. An artist flagged in culture-bound art, philosophy and advocating for reflection. He claims the painting as a means of critical expression, without devoting a particular attention to the feelings and emotions, but rather, more linked to reflection.

Within the world of painting, it is heading towards a personal way, its own way of making art, but little recurring and widespread in the Spanish art scopes. A painting that is separated from the feelings and that is affected by reflection.

Awarded with the National Plastic Arts Prize in 2014. As he said, what makes his art characteristic is the difficulty to get rid of everything that his paintings must not show. His art is his own way of understanding painting, fleeing from the common pictorial trends both in style and in subject matter.

‘Altas Horas’, the work

After 15 years without exhibiting in Barcelona, ​​Jordi Teixidor returns to exhibit his art with the same unique personality that has developed his career recognition.

In ‘Altas Horas’, you will be part of an exhibition based on doors and windows. Thus, some influence is demonstrated in this aspect of Matisse. Doors and windows acquire the center of the themes of his work by focusing on their formal structure. His work presents a domain of the formal, and at the same time, all forms adopt an organization in space. This order allows you to create multiple interpretations as to references, reviews and reflections. That is why, this issue has become the main theme throughout his artistic career.

Jordi Teixidor work is now collected in the exhibition “Altas Horas” that will remain in the RocioSantaCruz Gallery until March 26. Hotel Paseo de Gracia encourage you to visit the exhibition “Altas Horas’.