Appreciate Rif’s beauty in Barcelona


This exhibition, organized by Abdellah Korroum and Soledad GutiĆ©rrez, has as starting point the Riff’s area. It’s an area without museums nor galleries, but it’s full of people creating art and expressing their universe in an unique and surprising way. From this MACBA exhibition we can appreciate the fascinating style of these artists.

This project started from the idea of gathering artists from every part of the world in Riff’s area. From the interaction with the culture and people, artists would express all their feelings through art. The result of this artistic experiment is a fascinating exhibition, where every piece is unique and tells an astounding story.

From our Barcelona five star hotel, Hotel Omm, we encourage you to visit this succesful exhibition, which collect the works of 14 different artists. “Before our eyes: other cartographies of the Rif” is the perfect artistic epicentre, where we will find photo, sculpture, painting and other arts.

If you like non-commercial contemporary art and experimentation, you can’t miss this exhibition. Acclaimed artists and great future promises, like Mustapha Akrim, Camille Henrot and Oriol Vilanova, will amaze you with their talent.