Art is on the table of Roca Moo

Gastronomy, Hotel Omm

 “More than 100 artists have designed a plate for Roca Moo”. This being said, the place speaks for itself. Roca Moo is a full experience, gastronomic, sensory and artistic. No plate is the same on the tables and all of them have been signed by musicians, painters, designers, architects and other famous culture personalities. From the first day, Roca Moo has always been defined for its uniqueness, taking care of all of those unique details that make it a unique restaurant. 4 days left for the last service… You have until July 28 to enjoy it!

Bigas Luna, David Delfín, Joan Manel Serrat, Ferrán Adriá, Alejandro Amenábar, Barceló, Ricardo Bofill or Plácido Domingo, among many others, are some of the artists who have been seduced by the gastronomic concept of Roca Moo and who have left their signature on the table. Eating at this iconic restaurant in Hotel Omm is a small encounter with all of them.

Fifteen years ago, Rosa Esteva, the owner of the Omm, asked her artist friends, who were already regular customers of her first Mordisco restaurant, to design a plate for Roca Moo. The restaurant (and the hotel) was about to open and it had to be something totally new, different and surprising. In every sense. The Roca Brothers took over the kitchen and culture took over the table. There was only one rule, that somewhere in the design the words MOO or OMM could be read.

This was the beginning of the impressive collection of Roca Moo’s plates. Since then, there are many other artists who have come to Roca Moo and who, delighted with the experience, have added their own signature plate. Alejandro Sanz and Omar Sy, for instance, are two of the more recent incorporations.

If you still haven’t had the chance to discover them all, from our luxury hotel in Paseo de Gracia we sincerely recommend you come to Roca Moo before it closes on July 28. And if you have already seen them all, we would love to have you with us one last time, admiring all those dishes, enjoying the extraordinary cuisine of a gastronomic restaurant difficult (not to say impossible) to forget!

On July 28 Roca Moo will say goodbye to Barcelona forever, with its dishes and avant-garde gastronomy, with its amazing team led by Chef Rafa Panatieri and the Roca Brothers. Don’t leave without trying it! Book your table here!