Art at the Omm: Alzamora and memory

Art, Barcelona


At Hotel Omm we love art. Getting to know several artists and sharing their work at our five star hotel in Barcelona is part of this artistic commitment. For this reason, today we’re talking about an artist and very special friend, Alfonso Alzamora, and about the story that lies behind the statue that you’ll find in our lobby, right next to reception.

The Garden of Memory is a non static composition that vibrates and that keeps growing, sensitive to time passing. Made up of 12 aluminium cubes –eight are set one on top of the other and the rest are loose around this kind of tower –it synthesizes the values of hospitality, tradition and family. First of all, because it represents a cypress tree. In Catalonia, these trees used to be planted in front of the houses to indicate that travelers and visitors were welcome. Then, because of the emotional background that the artist and the owner of the hotel, Rosa Esteva, poured over the statue.

Initially, the 2003 model contemplated seven identical cubes and at that time, Rosa had seven grandchildren “so she suggested that she would like to name each cube after one of them”, as Alzamora recalls. This way, the artistic piece was given a meaning beyond the metaphorical figuration and turned into the expression of something much more personal.

“I decided to craft the cubes with a large typography, legible, naming them clearly, but orientating the names on different sides of the whole of the piece. By doing so, another parallel artwork emerges, created by the names in space” the artist explains. Moreover, “if we avoided the aluminium and kept the names in the place they occupy we would have an imaginary tower formed by all these names in their precise distribution. It is the sculpture that is not there, but that can be intuited”.

And so, The Garden of Memory came to life. With each grandchild that was born, another piece of the scultpur was also born –always in the form of a cube, symbol of an essential truth in Alzamora’s work –until the present 12.

Alzamora is an artist born in Barcelona in 1951 who began his career in painting and progressively evolved into alternating with sculpture. In all his works, whether they are in two or three dimensions, there is an emphasis on the iconic value that transcends the form and portrays something beyond what is visible. Are you curious to know more about Alzamora? The Garden of Memory is not the only artwork by Alzamora that you’ll find in Hotel Omm…