The best of autumn on the Roca Bar lunch menu


It’s already autumn! Just like that, we find ourselves in the middle of the season of orange, red and brown leaves, of searching for mushrooms, of earlier sunsets, of the smell of freshly made chestnuts in the streets, of warm sweet potatoes, of pumpkins dressed for Halloween and of many other great things, especially for foodies. At Roca Bar, the informal restaurant of Hotel Omm, we’ve decided to welcome autumn preparing a very special lunch menu with the best seasonal products!

This October, from Monday to Friday for working lunchtimes, come to our Roca Bar and try our deluxe menu at a very good price, €19 without dessert and 22€ with one... to enjoying your favourite autumn ingredients! Including a dessert prepared with this month’s fruit, a mouthwatering pear panna cotta. But let’s go back to the beginning, because today we want to reveal the seasonal products that have become the main attraction of our lunchtimes. Check the entire menu here.  

Mushrooms, tubers and other seasonal ingredients

Beginning with the star of the season: mushrooms. On Roca Bar’s October menu, we offer them as an option both for a first and a second course, so that you don’t get to miss them if you’re one of those people who spend all summer waiting for the mushrooms’ comeback. As a starter, an exquisite vegetable coca bread with cream of ceps, a typical Catalan boletus considered as one of the most delicious (and yes, indeed, we love bringing the best local products to the table). And to continue, as a main dish, order a tasty low temperature egg with mushrooms. Starting to feel hungry? Wait for it, there’s still a lot of autumn in our menu…

Nuts and dried fruits are also typical seasonal products and this October, they too have a starring role in our menu with our crispy endive and pistachio salad. Just as tubers, which you can savour in our menu be ordering the Iberian “secreto” (meat) with celery and tubers. And for those who prefer a fishy dish, did you know that tuna and clams are at their best during the month of October? Our tuna “tiradito” with beans of Santa Pau, as a first dish, and our monkfish “suquet” with clams, a traditional Spanish recipe, definitely prove it.

Because in essence, at the Roca Bar of Hotel Omm we always choose the best seasonal and local products. Come over and bite into October with our lunch menu!