B of Barcelona, Souvenirs for everyone

Barcelona, Hotel Omm

It is clear that we all like souvenirs, there is no one who refuses to buy them when traveling, and no one can deny it. Who does not have the typical magnet in the fridge? The typical notebook with the matching pen? We could say that the souvenirs are part of the trip. It’s something we think about even before we get to our destination, what I will buy as a souvenir, which I will bring as a gift for my parents, my friends, my partner…

The souvenirs have evolved and are no longer unique and exclusively for the tourists. Many people today wants to have some memory of their own city. Of course, for this occasion people are no longer satisfied with any souvenir made in China, they are looking for design, quality and originality.

B of Barcelona is the perfect place to find an elegant alternative to the typical souvenir of the city; also, all of the items made in Barcelona. The store is ran by Maite Guillém and Juli Capella, also collaborates with this project, the architect of the Hotel Omm.

In it, we can find a great variety of pieces designed and produced locally and made by architects, graphic and industrial designers, jewellers, craftsmen, potters, illustrators … or simply Barcelona’s people with a lot of creative talent.

In this case give priority to small productions, limited editions or handmade items with a clear identity of Barcelona without forgetting the classics or recycled products and upcycling. Objects that are recovered to give them a second life and all this in a modest but cosy space in which practically everything is recycled and recovered and in which the fantastic panorama of Barcelona of the photographer Rafael Vargas stands out.

B of Barcelona, the souvenirs that grind!