BACHCELONA Festival: Bach as never before

Barcelona, Hotel Omm, Music

More than concerts, that’s what this festival purports to be, now in its fifth edition invite the most important musicians from all over Europe to interpret the best-known works of the German composer in the most representative places in the city of Barcelona.

In these concerts will feature various artists who will perform the most representative works of Bach in different formats, each tailored to the style of the musicians who will represent them and to the spaces where they are to be made.

The festival will begin on July 21th with the concert “Bach Inaugural” at 8 p.m. in the Room 2  of the Auditorium. In this concert you will make a journey through the music of s. XVIII played by the Trio Ton Koopman and Tini Mathot Klaus Mertens, sure you will discover a new way of seeing chamber music.

In addition, in the festival dedicated to the German composer, other activities are carried out so that you know a little more his life and work. One example is the exhibition Hommage à Bach, composed of engravings by Chillida, in the Cercle Artistic de Sant Lluc.

If you do not want to lose you any of the concerts that will take place in the festival, we recommend you to mark your stay at the Hotel Omm, your 5-star hotel in Barcelona to enjoy a few days of relaxation and music.