Bagués-Masriera jewelry exposition for his 175 anniversary


The exposition takes place in his boutique in Paseo de Gracia, number 41, in Barcelona, with free access and from 10 to 20h30 (working days) and from 11 to 20h on Saturday. There you will be able to enjoy the most antique jewelry in the country that made it a referent in Modernism, in “noucentisme” (a Catalan movement) and in Art Deco.

The history of Bagués-Masriera Jewelry Company starts in 1839, with José Masriera Vidal and his sons José and Francisco that mixed romanticism with historical references. In the beginning of XX century, with Lluís Masriera, the modernism and art jewelry came. He created the Barcelona enamel and the Catalan modernism was present in jewelry full of symbolism. Between 1915 and 1930 were the “noucentisme” and Art Deco years. The combination of both was a successful in the International Art Deco Exposition of Paris in 1925.

The next great age for Masriera jewelry started in 1950 and lasted three decades, with the recovery of distinguish jewels. In fact, we are looking at expensive and with a high esthetic valuable jewels. During those years, the society with Bagués starts but only with half of it because the other half will come in the next period.

Between 1980 and 2000 the sense of artistic jewels comes back and shows the opulence of the moment. With the golden age that 1992 means to Barcelona, the modernist enamel was recast and a collection inspired by Gaudí was done. From early century, Bagués-Mastiera has confirmed as a referent in luxury jewelry in vanguard, from Barcelona to the whole world.

You can check their whole history in this exposition and from Hotel Omm, as a design hotel in Barcelona, we have to recommend you to go, it’s only a few minutes walking from our location in Paseo de Gracia, what are you waiting for?