Barcelona, a city in love with literature

Hotel Omm

Because of this, UNESCO has proclaimed Barcelona a literary city.

Barcelona’s role on commitment to literature

Barcelona is known as a city committed to literature. Literature and publishing have a strong presence in the city. They are factors that contribute to the acceptance of the bid to become a member of the Creative Cities Network.

In addition, the city of Barcelona has many libraries that promote culture. From small libraries to the houses of literature that have been active for a lifetime.

As an example, + Bernat is one of these small neighborhood libraries that reinvented itself to survive the strong existence of the internet. Book selling is not its only service, but a diversity of events and a coffee. Life, as in literature, is in the worlds that open before our eyes.

Thus, the declaration of Barcelona as a literary city becomes not only a privilege for the Catalan cultural capital. At the same time, it is a claim for keeping alive those libraries that transmit culture and art to the society. For its social work, UNESCO has decided to pay homage to Barcelona.

Barcelona gets a chance to project internationally countless literary proposals, as Sant Jordi’s Catalan tradition.

It is recognized as a meeting place for authors, writers, librarians, translators, editors and all the lovers of this exciting literary world.

Hotel Omm is pleased to share this news with you all! Literature does not stop: Do not let anyone stop it.