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The aromas of the market: Santa Caterina

The neighbourhood is located at the center of Barcelona and its name alludes to the Convent of Santa Caterina, which burnt down in 1937, after which the city´s first covered market was built. Over the years the market was rehabilitated, standing out the roof with a colorful mosaic adorned with fruit and vegetables motifs.

If we go around the market we will end up at Santa Caterina and San Joan de Capri square. At the square which gives its name to the market we can see a building of the second half of s. XVIII. Taking Semoleres street we find Plaza de la Llana square which formerly was a dishes and pots market and later a wool market.

We will make the last stop at Chapel of Marcús, located at Corders Street. It is a Romanesque chapel of the 12th century which during the Middle Ages was part of a hospital and a hostel. Only open on special dates.

And now is time for a break and refreshements. We highly recommend you to visit the market and try the restaurant Cuines Santa Caterina, that belongs to Grupo Tragaluz with a menu that reflects the variety of fresh market products including Mediterranean dishes, asian and vegetarian.