Barcelona Flamenco, Authentic Flamenco

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Flamenco in Barcelona

Flamenco is an artistic movement in which music and dancing embrace passion to show a spectacular cultural proposal.

In music, particularly we find that singing and guitar convey a magic shaped through dance. You can talk about intense feelings and emotions embodied in a corpse to reach the soul of the spectator. Therefore, flamenco is an art full of passion that conquers the hearts touched in its execution.

The Authentic Flamenco is displayed in the main coffee-theater of Barcelona since 1840. Flamenco has well anchored roots in Barcelona, ​​so that it is presented to the public as a cultural offer of the city for many years.

The Flemish language goes back to a particular place in Barcelona: Chinatown. On Las Ramblas, and in one of the gateways to this district, the Principal Theater started talking about a new musical style in 1840. This show becomes a tribute to the history of flamenco at the Principal Theatre, where it has its beginnings, and it wants to return the flamenco spirit to the city.

Authentic Flamenco at the Principal Theatre

The Principal Theatre is the setting for a performance full of art. Year after year, this theater has become the home of the Flamenco proposal to reclaim some own cultural traits that are still latent in today’s modern society.

To strengthen ties between society and culture, this artistic project pays tribute to the Authentic Flamenco.
This cultural wealth is promoting itself thanks to the contribution of the best artists and professionals. Thus, the customer is the one who decides which is the perfect event for him. You are the one who produces the show.

The presence of the best local professionals in the world of flamenco provides a much more intense and real cultural experience. In addition, the show is reinforced by a solid experience, a breadth of services available to customers and all kinds of groups and organizations.Various activities such as workshops, guided visits through Chinatown, wine tastings and tastings are offered.
From Thursday to Sunday, the Authentic Flamenco celebrates its own artistic show in town. Omm Hotel gives a commitment to flamenco, and you?